On-Premise or Cloud?

We have all heard about the cloud by now and we have all wondered…is this for me and my organization? There are a lot of complexities surrounding “going to the cloud” – whether it’s for you or not. Some considerations to think about:

IT technician installing and servicing hardware in a server rack at a data center

Data Security

Assess the cloud provider’s security measures and compliance certifications to ensure data protection and regulatory compliance.


Evaluate the cloud’s ability to scale resources based on demand to accommodate business growth and fluctuating workloads.

Cost Management

Analyze the total cost of ownership, including subscription fees, data transfer costs, and potential savings from cloud-based services.

Performance & Reliability

Consider the cloud provider’s uptime, performance guarantees, and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure consistent service availability.

Data Location & Sovereignty

Understand where the cloud provider stores data and ensure it complies with geographic-specific data sovereignty requirements.

Integration & Compatibility

Assess the compatibility of existing systems and applications with the cloud environment to ensure seamless integration and data portability.

Compliance & Regulatory Considerations

Understand how the cloud provider addresses industry-specific regulatory requirements and compliance standards.

Vendor Lock-In

Evaluate the ease of transitioning to a different cloud provider or returning to an on-premises environment to avoid vendor lock-in.

Support & Service Level Agreements

Review the cloud provider’s support options, response times, and service level agreements to ensure responsive assistance and minimal downtime.

Data Backup & Recovery

Understand the cloud provider’s backup strategies, data retention policies, and recovery mechanisms to safeguard against data loss and ensure business continuity.

What's Best for You?

We are happy to help you make informed decisions when transitioning to the cloud or keeping your infrastructure on-premise. This decision can be game-changing either way. We are here to make sure that your system aligns with specific operational and security requirements.