Security Cameras

Security camera installation services provide an essential layer of surveillance that enhances building security, enabling constant monitoring of premises for any unusual activity. This continuous vigilance offers owners and occupants peace of mind, knowing that their safety and assets are protected around the clock by a watchful electronic eye.

Our Process

For a security camera evaluation, please contact us.

Evaluation & Estimate

Installing security cameras for an organization involves a systematic approach. Sundance will begin with a comprehensive assessment of the organization's security needs, including areas of surveillance, potential blind spots, and specific security threats. We will then devise an estimate to provide optimal coverage while integrating seamlessly with the organization's existing infrastructure.


Attention is given to factors such as camera angles, lighting conditions, and privacy considerations. Testing is conducted to verify the functionality of the security camera system, including motion detection, video recording, and remote monitoring capabilities. Throughout the installation process, Sundance will maintain open communication with the organization to address any specific requirements and ensure that the surveillance system aligns with their objectives.

User Devices & Training

After the successful installation of security cameras, Sundance will install apps on devices (mobile and desktop devices) and train users on how to use them. Regular maintenance tasks include cleaning camera lenses, inspecting for physical damage, and conducting software updates to address security vulnerabilities and enhance performance.


Proper maintenance is essential to maintaining cameras in their optimal state. Simple physical cleaning and adjustments periodically not to mention firmware and software upgrades/updates. As part of the maintenance, we continually look for adjustments or changes and recommend such.