Who We Help

At Sundance Networks Inc., we believe that every business is a potential customer. Our comprehensive IT services are designed to cater to businesses across all industries, regardless of their size or scope. Whether you’re a small startup or a corporation, our team is committed to providing the IT solutions you need to thrive in the digital landscape. With a focus on customer-centric support and industry-leading expertise, we are dedicated to serving the diverse technology needs of businesses in every sector.

Solutions Tailored for Your Industry

Professional Services

Leave your IT needs to us because we’ll balance your networks like seasoned accountants. Let us crunch the numbers on your technology, so you can focus on the numbers that matter most to your clients. We’ve got the formula for IT success!

Running a successful law firm takes a great deal of effort, focus, and perspiration! Let us handle the fine print of your network so you can focus on winning your cases – no objections, just exceptional IT solutions. We know what it takes to client files readily accessible while maintaining security and regulatory compliance.

Hospitality & Retail

We can handle your WiFi, Property Management Systems (PMS), guest video boards, servers, networks, and security camera needs just to mention a few. We’re the wi-fi whisperers, ensuring that your guests are always connected and delighted. Trust us to handle the tech, so you can focus on making every stay a five-star experience!

Your focus should be on selling your merchandise, products, food or beverages and our focus on your technology. We have served many groceries, boutiques, liquor stores, clothing stores and want you to focus on turning window shoppers into loyal customers!

Leave your IT needs to us because we’re the secret ingredient to keeping your technology as fresh as your daily specials. Trust us to spice up your network with a dash of expertise and a pinch of reliability. Your IT recipe is safe with us!

Running a concert or will have a full entertainment venue? Leave your IT needs to us because we’re the tech ninjas who ensure that the show always goes on, online, and off. Let us handle the IT, so you can focus on wowing the audience and stealing the spotlight.

Engineering & Architecture

Designing and engineering roads, buildings, piping, electronics, and space shuttles and keeping us all safe is mission critical to our world. Be it, CAD, modeling software, and many other high-end applications utilized within an engineering office. We design your technology – you design everything else with it!

Beautiful homes and buildings don’t just happen by nailing a few pieces of wood and welding metal together. Architects make all this happen! We will make your technology happen.

Real Estate & Contractors

Buying/ selling a home or building is the focus of real estate organizations. Just like managing properties is your priority, let us make managing your technology ours!

Leave the IT to us! We’ll build, support, and maintain your network so you’ll have more time to build the Taj Mahal of your projects.


Hand over your IT floss-troubles to us, and we’ll make sure your tech bites are as painless as teeth cleaning!

We’re the cybersecurity equivalent of a flu shot – preventing digital viruses before they spread. Trust us to keep your IT healthy, so you can focus on keeping your patients in good health!

Leave your IT needs to us because we’ve got more bark and byte than any other IT provider. We’ll make sure your IT needs are purr-fectly taken care of, so you can focus on caring for your furry patients.

Government &

We’re the chalkboard champions of tech support, ensuring that your digital lessons run smoothly. Let us handle the IT heavy lifting, so you can focus on shaping bright minds!

Leave your IT needs to us because we’re the Dewey Decimal System of Data Organization. Trust us to keep your digital shelves tidy, so you can focus on sharing stories and knowledge with your community!


The list of our services is a long one, but we like to think of ourselves as the architects of digital assembly lines, ensuring smooth operations without glitches. Let us handle the tech, so you can focus on perfecting your real-world production!