Managed Services & Security

We focus on maintaining your technology so you can focus on your business. Driven by business needs and organization requirements, we will maintain your systems in a reliable, secure, and user-centric manner. Our support plans are very customizable to be sure that your systems are stable to support your mission. Plans contain some or all of the services below.

Managed Services & Security

Our proactive monitoring keeps track of many critical measures continuously 24x7x365 to identify any potential issues on your systems, networks, security points, and other equipment. It will identify the issue and attempt to fix it immediately in the background. If it cannot immediately remediate it, our team will be notified to take it from there. Rest assured; we are doing this work in the background so that it does not directly impact your staff. Not to mention the security of your precious data is our priority!

We weave security into the fabric of our offerings and will identify where security is needed. We will work with you to identify any security regulations affecting your business and implement/modify technology to meet or exceed regulatory compliance. No matter if it is HIPAA, PCI, NIST 800-171/CMMC/ITAR, SCO, FISMA, GLBA, or SOX – we can help you with technology compliance. For more information on security, please contact us.

Sundance support is performed onsite and remotely – together we can focus on efficiency and speed of adjusting and fixing client issues. We provide the human touch – we are not just a faceless machine helping people. Our blended support model has worked for over 20 years and has proven successful.

From the utmost comprehensive to the most basic plan, Sundance offers 3 basic plan levels with upgrades and add-ons that will be customized to your organization’s needs. We focus on a business’s needs and the workflow of an organization to identify the best plan for your organization. Please call or click here to contact us and set up a complimentary, solutions-driven, consultation. Flexibility is key in our support plans.

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