Regulatory Services

HIPAA & Other Government Services

Concerns? We stand ready to help you with regulatory requirements as we have team members who have CISSP, CISA, and other industry-specific certifications in regulatory compliance and cyber security.

Doctors, dentists, pharmacies, medical consultants, and many other health-related organizations have HIPAA requirements to protect patient records and other protected health information.

Are you a contractor/subcontractor for the US Dept of Defense? Following strict controls concerning your Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and general cyber security is key.

Do you accept credit cards? If so, your organization is required to handle and store client information securely.

Achieving solid security standards between two businesses provides both organizations assurance that certain security pillars (security, integrity, availability, and confidentiality) are being adhered to by each other (based on AICPA SOC1/SOC2 standards).

Specific industry regulations and measuring the risks of organizational IT infrastructure’s ability to comply with their requirements are needed in many organizations. In many cases, specific insurance, industry regulations, and vendor requirements need to be adhered to.

Vendors of the federal government agencies must achieve an Authority to Operate to interact with the federal government or related organizations.

Financial institutions have special compliance requirements for securely storing and accessing customer information. Customer information is protected and must be secured per this regulation.

Publicly traded companies must maintain financial health and ensure the security, integrity, and accountability of their data.

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We're Here to Help You Navigate

We can support regulatory IT requirements including but not limited to: Policy and Procedure, Maintenance and Monitoring, Penetration Testing, and all IT support related to such. Please contact us to discuss further.